Nous proposons des aciers de qualité selon les normes

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Nous proposons des aciers de qualité selon les normes

Nous proposons des aciers de qualité selon les normes:


-free forgings (odkuwki)– round, square, flat, ring, disc, block, flanges, cylinders-die forgings -rolled bars and rods (pręty) – round, flat, square, hexagonal-hollow forged sleeve sand cylinders -sheets, plates (blachy)- hot rolled and cold rolled -seamless steel tubes, pipes (rury)- hot rolled seamless tubes – pipes , cold rolled seamless pipes -tubes

Class I-IV

steel group 32 10H, 10HA, steel group 46 40, 40U, 45, 45U, steel group 48-49 65, (DIN C67, 1.0603, EN 1CS67, C67S,AISI 1065), 75, (DIN C75, C75E, CK75, EN C75S, 2CS75, 1.0605, 1.1248) 85, (DIN C85E, C85S, 1.1269, 1.0616, CK85, EN 2CS85, C85S, ISO CS85, AISI 1086)

Class V - alloy structural steel ( standards PN + BN - steel grades ):-high temperature alloy structural steel-nitriding steel
-hardening and tempering steel ( toughening steel )
-sping steel 
-carburizing steel -bearing steel 

steel group 51 A35G2, 10G2, 15G, 19G2, 20G, 30G2, 35SG, 45G, 45G2, 50GU, 50G, 54G2 ,60G, 65G (GOST 65Г, DIN CK67, 65Mn4, 1.1231, 1.1240, GB 65Mn, UNS G15660) steel group 52 45S, 40S2, 50S2, 55S2 (DIN 56Si7, 55Si7, 1.5026, GOST 55С2, AFNOR 56SC7, AISI 9255), 60S2,60S2A (DIN 65Si7, 71Si7, 1.5028, 1.5029, GOST 60C2, 60С2Г, AISI 9260H), 60SG,steel group 53 15H, 20H, 30H, 38HA, 40H, 40HA,45H, 50H, steel group 54 ŁH15 (DIN 100Cr6, 102Cr6, 1.3505,1 1.2067, GOST ШХ15, AISI E52100), ŁH15SG (DIN 100CrMn6, 100CrMnSi6-4, 1.3520, GOST ШХ15СГ, UNS K19195) steel group 55 16HG, 20HG (DIN 20MnCr5, GOST 18ХГ, EN 1.7147), 37HS, 50HF (DIN 51CrV4, 1.8159, UNS H61500, GOST 50ХГФА, 50ХФА), 50HS (AFNOR 50SCD6, UNI 51CrMoV4), 50HG , steel group 56 18HGT (GOST 18ХГТ, STAS 21TiMnCr12q, CSN/STN 14223, GB/T 20CrMnTi), 20HGS, 25HGS, 30HGS, 30HGSA ( GOST 30ХГСА, BDS 30ChGSA, GB/T YB/T 30CrMnSiA), 35HGS, 35HGSA, 60SGH, steel group 57 16M, 25HM, 25HMA, 30HM, 35HM, 35HMA, 40HM, 25H3M (UNI 31CrMo12, EN 24CrMo13-6, DIN 32CrMo12, 31CrMo12, 1.7361,1.8515), steel group 58 12HMF, 15HGM, 18HGM, 30H2MF (GOST 30Х3МФ, DIN 30CrMoV9, 31CrMoV9, 1.7707, 1.8519), 33H3MF (GOST 30Х3МФ, DIN 31CrMoV9, 30CrMoV9, 1.8519, 1.7707, UNI 31CrMoV10, MSZ 31CrMo12), 38HMJ (DIN 34CrAlMo5, 41CrAlMo7, 1.8507, 1.8509, EN 41CrAlMo7-10,1.8509, GOST 38Х2МЮА, JIS SACM645), 40H2MF (GOST 40XMФA, 40KHMFA, BDS 40ChMFA), steel group 59 10H2M (UNS K21590, K21390, GOST 10X2M, DIN 10CrMo910, 1.7380, AFNOR 10CD9-10), 13HMF (MSZ KL10, DIN 14MoV6-3, 1.7715, UNS K11591, ASTM A405(P24)), 15HM (DIN 13CrMo45, 1.7335, EN 13CrMoSi5-5, 1.7336, GOST 12XM, 15XM), 20HM (DIN 25CrMo4, 24CrMo5, 1.7218, 1.7258, GOST 20XM), 21HMF (ONORM 21CrMoV511SW, AFNOR 20CDV5-07, DIN 21CrMoV5-11, 21CrMoV5-7, 1.7709, 1.8070), 23H2MF, 24H2MF, 26H2MF (DIN 24CrMoV5-5, 1.7733, GB/T 25CrMo1VA ), 30H2MF (GOST 30Х3МФ, DIN 30CrMoV9, 31CrMoV9, 1.7707, 1.8519), 65S2WA,

Class VI - alloy structural steel ( standards PN + BN - steel grades ):-quenched and tempered steel
-carburizing steel

steel group 61 17HGN, 45HN (GOST 45ХН, BDS 45Chn, GB/T 45CrNi) steel group 62 15HN (DIN 15CrNi6, 17CrNi6-6, 1.5919, 1.5918, AFNOR 16NC6, STAS 17CrNi16), 15HNA, 15HGN, 15HGNA, 18H2N2 (DIN 18CrNi8, 1.5920, AFNOR 18CN8, BS 822M17), 30HGSNA (GOST 30ХГСН2А, BDS 30HGSN2A, CSN 16532), steel group 63 12HN3A, (GOST 12ХН3А, DIN/EN 14NiCr14, 15NiCr13, 1.5752, 1.5752, AFNOR 14NC11, JIS SNC815, GB/T A42123), 12H2N4A, 20HN3A (GOST 20XN3A, BDS 20ChN3A, GB/T 20CrNi3A), 20H2N4A (GOST 20Х2Н4А, BDS 20Ch2N4A, GB/T 20Cr2Ni4A, AISI E3316), 25H2N4WA, 18H2N4WA (GOST 18Х2Н4МА, GOST 18KH2N4VА,GOST 18Х2Н4ВА, DIN X19NiCrMo4, 1.2764), 30HN3A, 37HN3A, steel group 65 14HNMBCu, 20HNM, 22HNM, 20HNMA, 23GHNMA, 23G2HNMA, 36HNM (DIN 36CrNiMo4, 1.6511, GOST 40ХН2МА, AFNOR 40NCD3, UNS G43400, AISI 4340,36NiCrMo16, 1.6773, 30NiCrMo16-6, 1.6747), 37HGNM, 38HNM, steel group 66 17HNM (DIN/EN 18CrNiMo7-6, DIN 1.6587, AFNOR 18CND6), 30H2N2M (DIN 30CrNiMo8, 1.6580, AFNOR 30NCD8, ISO 31CrNiMo8, GOST 30ХН2MA, STAS 30MoCrNi20q), 30HN2MFA, 34HNM, 40HNMA (DIN 40NiCrMo6, 1.6565, GOST 40ХН2МА, AFNOR 40NCD7, UNI 40NiCrMo7, UNS G43400, AISI 4340), 45HNMF (GOST 45ХН2МФА, 45ХНМФА, UNS K24045, GB/T 40CrNiMoA), 45HNMFA steel group 67 18H2N4MA, (GOST 18Х2Н4ВА, 18Х2Н4МА), 20HN3M, 32HN3M,

Class VII - tool steel ( standards PN + BN - steel grades ):
-carbon tool steel
-hot work alloy tool steel
-cold work alloy tool steel
-high speed steel - steel HSS

steel group 71 N5, N6, N7, N8 (DINC80W1, 1.1525, GOST У8A), N9 (DIN C85W, 1.1830, AFNOR C90E2U, GOST У9A), N10 (DIN C105W1, 1.1545, AFNOR C105E2U, GOST У10A), N11, N12, N7E, N8E, N9E,N10E, N11E, N12E,N13, N13E , steel group 72 NC4 ,NC5 ,NC6 (DIN 145Cr6, 1.2063, CSN 19422, GOST 12X1), NCMS (DIN 100CrMn6, 100CrMnSi44,1.3520, 1.3518, GOST ХГС), NCV1, NV ,NMWV ,NC7V1 ,NC7V2 ,NMV (DIN 90MnCrV8 , 1.2842, GOST 9Г2Ф, UNS T31502, AISI O2,) steel group 73 20H2M, 30HG2SMF, NC7VL, NCLV, WLB , steel group 74 32N4M, 40NHF, NPW (CSN 19655, SS 2550), WNL (DIN 55NiCrMoV6, 1.2713, GOST 5ХНМ, AISI L6, UNS T61206), WNLV, WNL1, steel group 75 NC10, NC11, NC11LV (DIN X165CrMoV12, X155CrMoV12-1, 1.2601, 1.2379, GOST Х12МФ, UNS T30402, AISI D2), WCL (DIN X38CrMoV51, 1.2343, GOST 4Х5МФС, AFNOR X38CrMoV5, AISI H11) steel group 76 NC10, NC11, NC11LV (DIN X165CrMoV12, X155CrMoV12-1, 1.2601, 1.2379, GOST Х12МФ, UNS T30402, AISI D2), WCL (DIN X38CrMoV51, 1.2343, GOST 4Х5МФС, AFNOR X38CrMoV5, AISI H11) steel group 77 SW12, SW12c, SW2M5, SW7M (DIN S6-5-2, 1.3343, EN HS6-5-2C, GOST P6M5, JIS SKH51), NW9, steel group 78 K5, SK5M, SK5MC, SK5V, SK8M, SK10V (DIN S10-4-3-10, 1.3207, EN HS10-4-3-10, GOST P9M4K8), SW18 (DIN X75WCrV18-4-1, HS18-0-1, 1.3355, 1.3558, GOST P18, UNS T12001, JIS SKH2), steel group 79 WLK, WWV (DIN X30WCrV9-3, EN 1.2581,GOST 3Х2В8Ф), WWN1,

Class VIII - high alloy steel ( standards PN + BN - steel grades ):-steel for elevated temperature service
-corrosion resistant steel
-stainless steel - acid resistant steel - INOX
-heat resistant steel 

steel group 82 0H13, 0H13J, 1H13 (DIN 1.4006, AISI 410), 2H13 (DIN 1.4021, AISI 420), 2H14, 2H13A, 3H13 (DIN 1.4028, AISI 420F), 3H14, 4H13 (DIN 1.4034), 4H14, H9S2 (DIN 1.4718, EN X45CrSi8), 15H11MF (GOST 15Х11МФ), 15H12WMF (GOST 15Х12ВНМФ), 20H12M1F (DIN X20CrMoV12-1, 1.4922, GOST 20Х11МНФ) , 23H12MNF (DIN X22CrMoV12-1, 1.4923, GOST 18Х11МНФБ), H5M (DIN 12CrMo195, 1.7362, GOST 15Х5М, EN X11CrMo5), H6S2 DIN X10CrSi6, 1.4712, GOST 15Х6СЮ, EN X10CrAlSi7), H10S2M (DIN X40CrSiMo10-2, 1.4731, EN X40CrSiMo10, GOST 40X10C2), H13JS (DIN X10CrAl13, 1.4724, EN X10CrAlSi13, GOST 10Х13СЮ) steel group 83 0H17T (DIN X3CrTi, 1.4510, GOST 0X17T), H17(DIN X6Cr17, 1.4016, GOST 12Х17), H18 (DIN X105CrMo17, X102CrMo17, 1.3543, AISI 440C, GOST 95X18), 2H17 (DIN 1.4742), 3H17M( DIN X35CrMo17, 1.4122, EN X39CrMo17-1), H18JS (GOST 15Х18СЮ, DIN X10CrAlSi18, 1.4742, AISI 430), H24JS (EN X10CrAlSi25, DIN X10CrAl24, 1.4762, AFNOR Z12CAS25, AISI 446, STAS X10CrAl240), H25T (DIN X8CrTi25, 1.4746, GOST 15X25T, GB 1Cr25Ti), steel group 84 H17N2 (DIN 1.4057, X17CrNi16-2, AISI 431), 2H17N2 (GOST 20Х17Н2, DIN X19CrNi17-2, 1.4057, ISO X17CrNi16-2), H26N4, H13N4G9 (GOST 20Ch13N4G9), 0H17N4G8 (DIN 1.3965, X8CrMnNi18-8), 1H17N4G9, 50H21G9N4 (DIN/EN 1.4871, X53CrMnNiN21-9, UNS S63008 ), steel group 85 2H18N9, 0H18N9 (DIN 1.4301, X5CrNi1810, GOST 0X18N10, AISI 304), 0H18N12Nb, 1H18N9 (DIN X10CrNi18-8, 1.4310, UNS S30200, GOST 12X18N9, EN X9CrNi18-8), 12H18N10T ,1H18N9T (DIN/EN X6CrNiTi18-10, 1.4541, AISI 321H, GOST 09X18H10T), 1H18N10T,1H18N12T, H18N9S, steel group 86 H23N13 (DIN X12CrNi23-13, 1.4833, GOST 20H23N13, AFNOR Z15CN2413, AISI 309), H20N12S2 (DIN X15CrNiSi20-12, 1.4828, AISI 309, GOST 20X20H14C2, UNS S30900), H23N18 (DIN X12CrNi25-21, 1.4845, AISI 310, GOST 20X23N18, 10X23N18), H25N20S2 (DIN X15CrNiSi25-20, 1.4841, 1.4845, EN X8CrNi25-21, AISI 314, GOST 20X25N20C2, UNI X16CrNiSi2520), H18N25S2, H16N36S2, steel group 87 H17N13M2T (DIN X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2, 1.4571, GOST 10X17N13M2T, AISI 316Ti, AISI 316L) , 0H17N12M2T, 0H17N16M3T, 0H23N28M3Cu, 0H22N24M4TCu, H18N10MT (DIN X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2, 1.4571, GOST 10X17N13M2T, AISI 316Ti), 0H23N28M3TCu , 4H14N14W2M, steel group 89 00H18N10, 00H17N14M2, 0H17N12M2T,X120Mn12,X120Mn13,110G12,11G12,