IDES – Institute for Development and Strategic Studies

Institute of Development and Strategic Studies carries out research for the sustainable development of all sectors of the Algerian economy, with particular emphasis on agriculture, farming and agri-food processing. Based on research and analysis, the Institute implements innovative solutions on farms or pilot farms together with pilot technological installations in the field of agri-food processing.

The Institute acts as an open cooperation forum for all Algerian and Polish partners interested in the dynamic development and economic transformation of Algeria, based on the best Polish experience, research, innovation, technologies, machines and technological lines.

The Institute invites leading politicians, scientists, specialists to cooperate, institutes, experimental and breeding plants, agricultural advisory centers, industrial plants from Algeria and Poland are invited.
Based on the conducted research, the Institute will propose specific solutions, present recommendations and suggestions, addressed to both government and local administration as well as to owners of agricultural farms and breeding farms, national or local business.
The Institute’s activities will also be aimed at combating unemployment and vocational activation of young people. The Institute will prepare special offers for the unemployed based on examples of specific solutions in various fields of agriculture, animal husbandry and processing.

New technologies, machinery and equipment intended for professional activation, in addition to fighting unemployment, will also contribute to the development of agriculture, food farming and processing, in particular in agricultural areas.

The Institute will conduct analyzes for the sustainable and harmonious development of agriculture and breeding in Algeria from the commencement of agricultural production, to its collection, preparation for sale or processing, distribution on the internal regional and national market, up to its export in the light of Polish experience, on the example of specific solutions in particular fields of agriculture, breeding, processing. Place in this process of scientific institutes, agricultural advisory centers, breeding stations, chambers of commerce and agriculture, strategic enterprises producing seeds, fertilizers, machines for soil cultivation, planting, fertilization, irrigation, harvesting, calibration machines and preparation for sale in regional or national networks, machinery for the production of machinery for processing agricultural products ready for sale on the local market, domestic or export processed products.

In its research, the Institute will combine theory and practice, implementing model solutions, from the idea of ​​being a farmer or breeder to practical implementation followed by sales agricultural product or its processing and sale on the domestic market or its export.