The smoking furnace – 50 kg of charge

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The smoking furnace – 50 kg of charge

The smoking furnace – 50 kg of charge.

Smoke smoking, Steaming, Water cooling, Baking up to 200 ° C, Washing,


restaurants, bars, canteens, shops, supermarkets, laboratories, schools, hunting clubs, catering companies, delicatessens, home-smoking smokehouses


width – 1250 mm, depth – 950 mm, height – 2250 mm,  


EFFICIENCY of the process of drying, smoking and steam cooking:

– sausage with a diameter of 40mm – 50kg / 2.5h, – meat weighing up to 2kg – 50kg / 3.5h,


programmable controller with 99 programs memory, smoke generator with electric firing, steam generator, water spray, washing system, humidification system with smooth regulation, 3 – speed hot air circulation, temperature sensor in a smokehouse, temperature sensor in the product, humidity sensor, dampers; fresh air, smoke and a chimney, electric damper actuators, combined, hardened and laminated window of the smokehouse door, stove windows in a smoke generator, solenoid valves; water and drain, silicone gaskets, frame, 100% stainless steel, thermal isolation,


stainless steel smoke trolley, aluminum smoking bars, smoking bars made of stainless steel, stainless steel smoke bars, stainless steel smoke hooks, stainless steel smoke grid, GN containers,  container for washing solution,  chimney pipes made of stainless steel,