The mobile field stone crushing set

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The mobile field stone crushing set



48000 €

The mobile field stone crushing set is designed for cleaning of stony cultivated fields by crushing stones and leaving it in the soil as a fertilizer that reduces soil acidity. The set consists of a special crusher for grinding stones in the soil and a special tractor that is used for its propulsion. The crusher has a rotary armed with special rotor teeth, which crushes the stones in the soil to a depth of 15 – 20 cm. Rocks thrown by the rotor are crushed on a specially shaped impact plate. The crushing intensity can be adjusted to a certain extent by changing the rotation of the rotor. The materials used in the machine such as wides, sintered carbides and Hardox abrasive steel for rotor and impact plate elements ensure a long machine life. Built-in additional mixing chamber in the device, special counter-blades ensure better fineness, the blades have the ability to adjust the position and thus adjust the resulting fragmentation fraction. The crusher is equipped with narrow sliding skids that make it easier to sink the machine into the ground. The machine receives drive from the tractor through a special shaft equipped with a wheel clutch that protects the drive system against a sudden increase in load. The drive is then transmitted to the main gearbox with slow gear and bilaterally to the rotor via a belt and gear transmission. The main application of the crusher is the descaling of cultivated fields. In addition, it can be used for the construction and renovation of dirt and mountain roads and turning over crops overgrown with bushes, eliminating orchards and vineyards, etc.  

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