IDATT – is a group of selected best Polish companies that through technology transfer and implementation of new technological solutions support economic development and technological cooperation in the world.

We offer our help and support in the development of the local domestic industry in agriculture and processing in Africa, Asia, South America, in the Gulf countries – wherever our activities could support local development and equalize the standard of living between the rich North and the poorer South.

We are looking for companies and people interested in working with us.

As part of this cooperation, we are ready to transfer our knowledge and experience, our technologies related to our machines, devices and technological lines.

Our companies have supplied and developed tens of thousands of manufacturing companies in Poland and throughout world.

We are looking for partners intending to develop their own production on local domestic markets.

We have specific proposals for them combined with organizational and technological support.

for example:

​We have devices for drying, smoking, cooking, brewing, etc.


For example – the offer for drying equipment for fruit and vegetables BV200 / 400/600

Assuming a processing capacity of 1,500 kg of fresh fruit and vegetables, one BV200 with one cart is enough. BV200 has full automation of all drying and smoking processes.

BV200/400/600 for drying, smoking, cooking, brewing of meat, poulty, fruits, vegetables, fish

The drying time of one cartridge will depend on the amount of water content in the fruit or vegetables, as well as on the required degree of drying. Most often it is about 1 hour for one load. One batch should contain about 200 kg of fresh fruit or vegetables.

The price for such a device is around EUR 30,000, it may vary slightly, depending on the details of the equipment. The advantage of this solution is that it can also be processed in this furnace: meat, fish, dairy products (for example, smoke cheese).

As for partnerships – it should be considered:

What would the partnership be about, what type of activities?

What would conditions of this partnership, the contributions and shares of partners?

What will the partners bring under the resulting company?

What is the partner’s facilities in Algeria – land, buildings, machinery, people?

Would there be preferences in Algeria for Algerian-Polish partnership in the field obtaining loans, income tax, VAT, customs duties, fighting unemployment etc.?

Where will the registered office of the company be located and where will its accounts be?

How to secure financial flows between partners including transfers money in dinars, zlotych, euros or dollars?

How to secure possible investments in country and in Poland / Europe?

In the case of starting assembly plant and then production of agricultural machinery in country, how to secure cash flow and setlements between partners?

More offers for drying equipment