International Agricultural Fairs SIPSA – FILAHA in Algiers Algeria 2019

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International Agricultural Fairs SIPSA – FILAHA in Algiers Algeria 2019

Message from the chairman,

“Smart Agriculture, to rise to the challenge of sustainable food and health security.”

The 18th edition of SIPSA FILAHA held in 2018 attracted more than 500 firms, comprising 208 domestic companies and 299 foreign firms from 32 countries. It recorded more than 21,000 trade entries (a 16% increase on the previous year). This increase in visitor numbers, together with an expanded net exhibition surface area spanning more than 12,400 m², contributed to a healthy and conducive climate for business and for professional dialogue.
This 19th edition will be devoted to the recommendations from the Agriculture Summit, the national priority of the Government and of the interbranch farm sector organisation, to whose formulation GRFI Fondation Filaha has substantially contributed over the past decade.
Also in this perspective, the introduction of new technology in the sector brings us to consider innovation through the perspective of the theme: “Smart Agriculture, to rise to the challenge of sustainable food and health security
By adopting this theme, SIPSA-FILAHA continues to pursue its contribution in identifying the most suitable strategies to sustainably increase crop productivity and resilience, also working to consolidate the foundations of our food security which constitutes the cornerstone of our national policy in this area.
This four-day event will feature business-to-business meetings aiming to promote exchange between investors and project developers, as well as forums and talks on key issues of agricultural policy, livestock and genetics presentations and the launch of the operation “Young farmers with projects”.
All of these initiatives will provide a backdrop for intensive exchanges between visitors and exhibitors.
The forums organised alongside the exhibition will this year chiefly be based on the recommendations from the National Agriculture Summit. Four forums organised by FILAHA INNOVE are scheduled:
AGRO-ECO (International Forum for agri-ecology, the horticultural environment and sustainable development) will bring together figures involved in agri-ecology, organic farming and other regional products, agri-tourism and the capitalisation of the environment and natural spaces in urban and suburban environments to interact together and envisage the future perspectives, innovations and transformations necessary to achieve long-lasting food security.
FIPLAIT (Interprofessional Forum for milk and dairy products) will address the development levers for the dairy sector and more particularly the role of investment in its development.
DJAZAQUA (International Forum for aquaculture and fishery resources) will deal with the outlook and challenges ahead for the effective management of fishery resources.
SIAFIL (Interprofessional forum for fruit and vegetables) will focus on the strengths and weaknesses of our companies in the export of fruit and vegetables and will identify the role of logistics and certification in the development of export.
This year we are hosting the Netherlands as our country of honour. It is not by pure chance that we have chosen the Netherlands. This country happens to be an agricultural superpower and a partner of Algeria and one of the leading suppliers of potato seeds to Algeria. Dutch agriculture is one of Europe’s leading lights in farming and agricultural industry, in particular in terms of exports and also through its expertise in logistics.
A large number of joint cooperation projects with Algeria are currently being developed in the areas of horticulture and greenhouse farm production.
This country is also one of the world’s three largest exporters of fruit and vegetables. Export logistics will be one of the themes addressed by the Netherlands at the SIAFIL Export Forum scheduled to take place alongside the exhibition.
By taking part in SIPSA-SIMA for the fourth consecutive year with a pavilion bringing together several companies leading the way in the sustainable development of agriculture, the Netherlands once again display their desire to share their acknowledged expertise in the agri-food sector and reinforce their partnership relations with Algeria in this field.
SIPSA-SIMA, through its role as a platform for exchange and exhibition, contributes to the evolution and development of Algerian agriculture. Indeed, since 2001, the year in which SIPSA was created, we have recorded more than 123 companies which have formed joint venture co-operations with Algerian farming firms in different sectors, in livestock and crop production. It is a source of considerable satisfaction to have contributed to the development of our region’s farming sector and to rural development and to have fully applied the agricultural and rural regeneration policy in the government’s successive programmes.
In the coming years, we will strive to adopt the much sought-after ambition of bringing together the AGRICULTURAL MAGHREB, or at least the three countries of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, to set out to conquer this huge and as yet virgin market to the south of our borders: Africa.
Another challenge awaits: the organisation of agricultural sectors and niches for export so as to become one of the major exporters of agricultural products thanks to the organisation of certification, standardisation and logistics and thereby approach international markets with confidence.
In this respect, our approach also accompanies the strategy of the government in the field and in particular the recent meetings organised by the Ministry of Trade with public and private economic operators so as to give fresh impetus to our exports in general and to those of agricultural exports in particular.

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