How to be producer of apples

How to be producer of apples

Apple orchard turnkey – establishment, running, consulting

Setting up a turnkey apple orchard

is an extremely complex undertaking but also extremely profitable. It requires intensive work under the guidance of experienced specialists.

You can not simply plant the best apple varieties and expect a good harvest in two or three years.
Setting up an orchard also requires specialist knowledge, experience and skills.

First, in preparing the soil and all the facilities necessary for production, then in the selection of the right varieties for the existing agrophysical and climatic conditions.
It should also have ready plans and schedules for the development of the orchard in terms of its proper fertilization, hydration, protection, at the time of the first and subsequent harvests and their storage, processing or sale.

We offer direct help and support in establishing an apple orchard.

We have many years of experience in establishing orchards in Poland and other countries.

We would like to share our knowledge, our experience,
while offering the possibility of permanent cooperation in the supply of top quality apple and other fruit trees and shrubs as well as necessary and proven equipment for orchards and fruit and vegetable plantations.

We invite all interested parties to contact us,
We will try to answer any question or doubt sent to us from our partners.