How to be producent of sausages, hams, meat, poultry etc.

UNIVERSAL DEVICE FOR small, medium and large meat, poultry, fish, cheese and fruit processing plants

Processing plants for SMOKING, STEAMING AND ROASTING of sausages, hams, meat, poultry, fish, cheese, fruit and vegetables – up to 1200 kg per 8 hours.

 meat poultry fish cheese and fruit processing plants

– roasting and heating
– drying
– smoking at temperatures from 45 to 120°C
– liquid smoke system – optional
– smoking with steam
– steam cooking
– roasting up to 120°C
– ventilation
– automatic washing

BV200, BV400, BV600




– programmable control panel

– smoke generator

– liquid smoke system – optional

– steam generator

– automatic washing system

– device temperature sensor

– product tmperature sensor

– digital displays of set and actual temperatures

– device temperature control

– 3-speed thermo-circuit

– electrically controlled air inlet/outlet throttles

– safety glass in the door

– 1/2/3 smoking trolleys

– 40/80/120 aluminium smoke sticks

– acid-proof stainless steel

Type BV200 BV400 BV600

Batch capacity kg 200 400 600

Number of shelves pcs 6 6 6

Number of smoking trolleys pcs 1 2 3

Air, smoke and steam circulation vertical

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