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Poultry Capital Group

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Poultry Capital Group

The Capital Group is the largest Polish organization of poultry companies specializing in breeding, fattening turkeys and in the production and sale of turkey meat and turkey products.

The main goal of establishing the Capital Group of poultry companies was to gain an advantage on the market by ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.
The Group strives to provide its customers with the widest range of high quality commercial poultry products.
The products of Capital Group companies are offered on the market after a coherent group of trade marks through a common distribution network.
The Group consists of 6 distribution centers that cover the area of ​​Poland with an even network and enable delivery of a full range of products to all sales regions.
The common distribution system and commercial offer enable concentration of production and introduction of product specialization, which starts at the level of species of slaughtered poultry and includes both meat and processed meat production.
All activities related to shaping the product offer, advertising and promotion of commercial brands as well as individual products in the Capital Group are carried out by one common marketing department.