Polish – Ukrainian Economic Center


Polish – Ukrainian Economic Center

The main goal of our activity is the development of the WIN-WIN STRATEGY, i.e. such direct economic cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian companies, institutions, cities, where each party obtains measurable benefits that can be converted into specific effects, e.g.:

  • financial – additional profits obtained from the sale of its products on new markets (Polish products on the Ukrainian market and markets related to Ukraine, Ukrainian products on European and global markets)
  • technological – modernization of production plants based on new technologies, products, joint research, increasing competitiveness on the markets for the sale of own products
  • scientific and technical – linking selected scientific research conducted by Polish and Ukrainian institutes, experimental plants and other scientific institutions, conducting joint research, scientific and technological exchange, sharing inventions and patents, etc.
  • increasing the potential and capabilities of Polish and Ukrainian companies through capital, organizational, technical and technological ties, agreements specifying joint activities in the field of production, distribution and sales or joint investments or joint participation in tenders, orders or orders from Poland or Ukraine
  • effects of accession to the European Union – adaptation of production profiles, rules and requirements for product certification, environmental protection requirements, etc. (applies mainly to Ukrainian companies
  • political, concerning increasing the economic and political potential of both countries on the national and international arena

To sum up:

The Polish-Ukrainian Economic Center was established to develop trade and economic cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian production plants, organizations, cities and communes.

The activities of the international center of trade and economic cooperation PUCG will stimulate a constant increase in the production of Polish and Ukrainian industrial plants and the related sales not only in Poland and Ukraine, but also on European and global markets.

Instead of competing with each other on internal and international markets, we will cooperate and create joint solutions that will bring measurable benefits to both the Polish and Ukrainian side.

We will jointly participate in the reconstruction of the infrastructure and equipment of Ukrainian cities and communes, not only those destroyed directly by the Russian occupation troops, but also those that lost their production or development capacities due to the war.

Ukraine offers Polish companies a share in the Ukrainian market, opportunities to sell products, devices and technologies offered from Poland.

Ukraine has rich deposits of oil, natural gas, manganese and iron ores, uranium, coking coal, native sulphur, rock and potassium salt, hard coal, chromium and nickel, titanium, magnesium, aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, gold , silver and many other minerals and minerals.

Ukraine is the world’s fourth exporter of corn, the world’s fifth exporter of wheat, and a major exporter of food and processed products.
If we join our forces, our production and technological potential, we will become an international economic power.

Źródło: Ukraiński Instytut Przyszłości

PUCG partners on the Ukrainian side are companies, organizations, institutions, cities and municipalities that directly or through their representatives send applications or orders for specific Polish products, machines or technologies

PUCG’s partners on the Polish side are companies, organizations and institutions that applied to the Polish-Ukrainian Economic Center Program, wanting to participate in the reconstruction, modernization and restructuring of Ukraine in common Europe.

All orders and requirements received from Ukraine, after their initial verification, will be forwarded to Polish companies and organizations that have applied for their accession to PUCG or that are listed in the Databases of the International System for the Transfer of Technology, Machines and Products MSTMIP.