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Fazenda Moçambicana – Maputo – Republic of Mozambique


1st International Economic Event
Poland-Mozambique-North Africa-Asia-Europe
Sustainable Development Program
for the years 2020. – 2050
The conference was held on January 14, 2021 from 8.00 to 15.00.

Welcoming conference participants by Tomasz Szymajda, President of the Management Board of Puławy Science and Technology Park

Fazenda Mozambicana – Information about the Mozambique market, its needs and opportunities – Tomasz Minkiewicz, owner & CEO FARM MARKET

PRONAR – we produce agricultural and communal machines, we offer assembly and production possibilities in Africa & more – Bartłomiej Leśniak

Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation, research and implementations for agriculture and environment – Prof. dr hab. Mariusz Matyka Deputy Director

Polish Potato Federation – we are interested in cooperation and development of potato production on African markets  – Tomasz Bieńkowski, CEO

GROS – Processing plants for SMOKING, STEAMING AND ROASTING of sausages, hams, meat, poultry, fish, cheese, fruit and vegetables – Romuald Pażdzior

Puławy Science and Technology Park – for cooperation between scientific and research institutions and production companies in the field of research on new technologie – Karolina Stasiak

INTERIOR – Technology Park in Nowa Sól conducts research projects, employs entrepreneurs, advises, trains, educates and more – Łukasz Rut, Director

Polish- Portuguese Chamber of Commerce offers partner search –  exporters, importers, producers, distributors, retailers etc. – Wojciech Baczyński CEO

MOBILE VACCINATION – combating the COVID-19 pandemic, a portable laboratory for vaccination of the population, self-sufficient – Tomasz Epimach, CEO

The Sustainable Development Program of Mozambique – Czeslaw Rolla, President of the Center for Ecology and Economic Promotion

BOMET – we produce of over 50 types of various agricultural machines, assembly and production possibilities in Africa – Łukasz Sińczuk, Vice-president

SOLAN – we produce machines for planting seedlings of tomatoes, cabbage, leek, cauliflower, celery as well as strawberries, tobacco, herbs, flowers – Grzegorz Czyż

ARNO GROUP – establishment, running, consulting setting up a turnkey apple orchard and much more – Mateusz Nowakowski, Export Manager

EKOPLON – raw materials, additives for fodder, foliar fertilizers and many others, possibility of cooperation in Africa – Tomasz Wesołowski, Export Director

SPOMASZ -PLESZEW – lines and devices for produce of marmalades, preserves, jams, ketchup, tomato juice or pomace and much more  – Czesław Rolla

Agricultural Advisory Center, Radom – for the practical presentation of equipment & lines and their operation in the processing: meat, milk, fruit, vegetables, cereals, for small and medium family businesses – Tomasz Lesisz

POL-PLAN – hall tents for the storage and sorting of vegetables and fruit, agricultural products & machines, for the agri-food industry and more – Jakub Skotnicki

PORT GDAŃSK – the largest seaport in Poland & second in the Baltic Sea. We offer our help in the access to goods from Africa to Central & Eastern Europe- Ewa Kłos

Thanks for your participation – conclusion of the conference and a few words about the nearest plans – Czesław Rolla

   Ladies and gentlemen,
On behalf of the organizers and co-organizers of our conference

The First International Event Poland – Mozambique


thank you for participating in our on-line conference, which was aimed at
intensification of the transfer of Polish technologies, lines, machines, products and services
not only to the Republic of Mozambique, but also to other countries in Africa and the Middle East, Asia, South America and Eastern Europe.


The main problem today is that rich, high-tech countries are growing faster and faster, and countries that do not have access

to innovation and technical knowledge are lagging behind.

These differences continue to deepen and will be a great problem for future generations, not less than the emerging climate change.

International co-development, international business as well as international economic cooperation,
it should not be dependent on borders, location, climate, religion, and the power exercised in a given country,
it should not be dependent on political parties or organizations, on historical or social prejudices.
Therefore, it is so important to use every opportunity to promote international cooperation with technology transfer, also through online conferences like ours – in order to strive to equalize the pace of development of individual countries.
The conference was attended by over 300 participants from many countries of the world, we also observed significant fluctuations in the number of participants during the conference itself, depending on the subject of each presentation.
Basic questions from participants from many countries, not only from Mozambique, were specific solutions presented during the conference, own needs and the possibility of satisfying them from Poland.
We will discuss the details individually with individual companies, institutes, parks and organizations presenting their offers, while presenting proposals and further action plans regarding the development of our presence in the Republic of Mozambique (but also in other countries).


Because when, at the end of last year, it was our special mission to Mozambique and presented the Program for the Sustainable Development of the Republic of Mozambique there for the years 2021 – 2050 in the area of agriculture and agri-food processing, we did not expect such a large interest in this program.

And not only on the part of business and business organizations, but also on the part of regional administrations and directly the government of the Republic of Mozambique. There were meetings at the highest level, in the Ministries of Agriculture, Industry, Construction,
official and backstage talks were held in banks and other institutions and agendas related not only to agriculture and processing.
Within a few days, during this visit, it was registered and launched in Maputo, under the auspices of the Mozambican authorities, Fazenda Mozambicana.
Fazenda Mozambicana in its assumption will be a bridge, credible for the government of the Republic of Mozambique, and its main goal and task will be the implementation of the Sustainable Development Program based on technologies, lines, machines, products and services from Poland.
In further activities that we are currently preparing, we will first of all address you, as participants of our teleconference, with specific orders, needs, proposals for action submitted to us from state and private companies, institutions or government agencies of the Republic of Mozambique.
We will keep you informed about our plans and further activities in the Republic of Mozambique.

(+48)  666 048 421


ul. Skowieszyńska 21 24-100 Puławy, POLAND